With the thriving of DeFi, the demand for digital currency related services began to emerge. The birth of FuturesCash will demonstrate our team's skills in decentralized finance (DeFi) and cross-chain technology, hoping that more and more people can use and understand cryptocurrency via FuturesCash.

Futures Foundation was founded in July, 2020 and has developed time and social mining mechanism based on Stella Consensus Protocol. Later in October 2020, the team launched a mobile mining application, which has successfully served 800,000+ users in over 100 countries.


  Your First Crypto Wallet

The complexity of blockchain results in the limited entry for beginners. FuturesCash bridges the gap between traditional finance and Defi, making it simple to use for everyone.

  Custodial Services

FuturesCash provides higher backup possibility. Users will be able to benefit from the world of DeFi while enjoying reliable bank-like services.

  Asset Safety

FuturesCash has built a system with security and investigations, which has helped create a trusted network that benefits from shared information when appropriate.

  Using is Mining

We want to get our users' hands-on crypto, many for the first time, and at the same time, to reward them for using and exploring FuturesCash.

  Community Based

FuturesCash is an autonomous community-based platform. We upholds "Users are stakeholders", utilizes "Using is Mining" as a community reward mechanism.


FuturesCash's logo is modern with key elements that convey the orientation for growth, while representing our dynamic future.

The main shape of the logo is consistent with two Fs, the initials of FuturesCash. Symbolically, The image of interacting hands stands for the reliability of our service; the flaming shape denotes the thriving of DeFi; The chain represents blockchain and the rhombus represents Ethereum.

The color-tones are orange and yellow, orange represents passion and commitment, yellow represents honor and wealth.


Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000

UIM (Using is Mining): 40%, 400,000,000

Community reward program, a reward for experiencing FuturesCash as a way to give back to the community.

Futures Foundation: 25%, 250,000,000

Strategic investment and partnership purposes. The FCTs in this sector are locked and will unlock in tandem with FCT released via UIM.

Team and Development: 20%, 200,000,000

For operation, Marketing, Research, and Development. The FCTs in this sector are Locked, will unlock in tandem with FCT released via UIM.

Airdrop: 10%, 100,000,000

Airdrop to Pi Futures miners.

Private Sale: 5%, 50,000,000

Main Utilities:
1. Store of Value
2. Revenue Distribution
3. Governance
4. User Participation Incentives

Buy-Back Process

We ensure liquidity through FCT token buybacks. FuturesCash's revenue will be used to buy back FCT on the open market, the buy-back is transferred to the staking reward pool. FCT buyback process will be effective:

1. Buyback program supports the growth and price stability of FCT value.
2. FCT will be more attractive to investors.
3. Increased liquidity, lower price volatility.
4. Incentivizes long-term growth investors, which results in stability of the asset.

To be organic and avoid direct impact on the market, The limit and the frequency of the FCT buyback activity are dynamically adjusted according to the current market liquidity.

Revenue Distribution

After all the tokens are distributed via Using is Mining mechanism. As a community-driven platform, FuturesCash will distribute revenue back to our community. The distribution of revenue is based on the number of FCTs you hold.

FCT is the native crypto for FuturesCash. It represents a stake in the FuturesCash community. The more you hold, the more power, rights, and revenue you'll get. FCT is the cornerstone of FuturesCash's community governance.

Investment Profolio

Futures Foundation will foster real applications of crypto assets — and not just speculation. Futures Foundation's development is a result of crypto assets evolving into an investment vehicle.

We have been continuously advanced and developed our skills in blockchain by investing in different categories of blockchain: